Ecobiotic Garden

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an ecobiotic garden cost?

Price depends on the size of the garden and the starting conditions of the soil. The rockier the area, the harder it will be to dig, and the more it will cost.

How long does it take to build an ecobiotic garden?

The building process will take us up to four days from start to finish. If we need to order supplies prior to building, allow up to 2 weeks before we begin construction.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! Our financing team will ensure the lowest rates possible!

My backyard's soil isn't very deep, can I build a garden on it?

Of course! We dig 12 inches deep into the subsoil and bring in our special organic soil mix that will produce food for years to come!

Do you give any warranties?

We have a 12 month warranty on any structure we build.

Can my garden produce food when it's over 100 degrees?

Yes! Our garden system is designed to keep the garden inhabitants cooler than outside air. This reduces water evaporation and keeps your plants happy.

I have a lot of deer in my area, is your garden deer proof?

The garden is wrapped in mesh wire that keeps the deer away.

Can an armadillo or a gopher get in the garden?

No, the mesh wire we use is dug into the soil to prevent any digging animals to get in.

What about birds and squirrels?

Our design ensures no gaps or holes where no birds or squirrels can get through and eat your garden.

Does the garden allow in bees?

Yes! The mesh we use is small enough to keep birds and squirrels away, but big enough for bees and other pollinators to get through.