New Organic Garden Technology for Arid Climates

We build organic gardens that are heat conditioned, water saving, pest proof in the arid south which produce nutrient dense food year round


Modern Science Improving Soil Biology

Our cutting edge farm design principles cultivate beneficial soil microbes that help plants produce bigger yields and be more resilient to challenges


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We provide Food Security

Designed specifically for the US southwest hot and dry climate, our gardens produce year round in 100+ degree weather with little rain as well as in snow. With one of our gardens in your backyard, you wouldn't need to worry about putting food on your table in any political or natural climate.

Up to 15F Cooler

Our smart design combines different elements to lower ambient temperature inside the garden by up to 15F, passively! This ensures plant survival and abundant harvest even in hot summer weather

Water Conservation

Lower temperatures plus sunken bed design ensure water pooling and lower water evaporation. Our gardens need less watering overall as well as in the hottest time of the year as a result

Animal Pest Control

Our no-gap design protects the garden from deer, squirrel, armadillos, snakes, raccoons, groundhogs, birds, and butterflies. It selectively lets through beneficial insects and pollinators

Year Round Production

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, our gardens never stop producing! Enjoy delicious, healthy, nutrient dense garden staples on your dinner table at any time of year!

About Ecobiotic


The Future of Arid Farming

Excess heat, sun, and low rainfall are a challenge for successful gardening in the Southwestern US. Ecobiotic gardens thrive in these conditions thanks to our unique design and cutting edge soil science.

Ecobiotic principles bring the focus towards beneficial soil microbes. It is the soil flora that enables plants to take up nutrients and water, fight pathogens, communicate, and loosen up the soil. Therefore, providing the best environment for soil microbes is the number one goal for ecobiotic design.

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Resilient Farming

We design complete systems that are drought and heat resistant

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Ecobiotic Garden

Ecobiotic Garden

We design and build ecobiotic gardens that can grow nutrient dense foods in hot weather with little rainfall on poor rocky or clay soils. Our unique design creates its own micro climate within the garden that’s more suitable to grow healthy and resilient garden varieties. The first step is replacing the poor native soil with our premium mix that is teeming with organic microbial life and is full of minerals and nutrients for the plants. We excavate up to 18” of topsoil. The next step is building a frame and installing a special kind of shade cloth that will protect the plants from the sun and keep air and soil temperature 10-15 F lower than the surrounding area. Finally, we put composted hardwood mulch and install a drip irrigation system that will deliver water right to the roots of the plants. Thanks to ecobiotic design, your organic garden will thrive for years to come.

Our gardens come in these sizes:

  • Small Standard 7'x12'
  • Medium Standard 12'x14'
  • Large Standard 14'x24'
  • Custom

We use only non-toxic materials including soil, framing, shade cloth, and wire mesh. We pay a special attention to the soil and only choose suppliers that use sustainable organic materials without chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. We build all standard garden sizes with untreated cedar. Larger gardens are built with metal framing. There is an option to winterproof your garden with garden grade plastic sheeting that can be rolled up in the summer and pulled down in cold weather to quickly convert your garden into a greenhouse.

We can build commercial gardens that can be used to grow income producing crops such as salad greens, tomatoes, peppers, etc. These commercial ecobiotic gardens will reliably produce year round with a lower electricity and water input.



Orchard Plantation

Ecobiotic principles are beneficial to home or commercial orchards as well as vegetable gardens. Ecobiotic orchards produce bigger yields, more delicious nutrient dense food, and grow strong trees that are able to withstand more fruit weight without any support. Trees thrive in loose mineral rich soils that are covered either with mulch or beneficial cover crops. To plant new orchards we replace native soils with our premium fungal-based tree mix. For existing orchards we enrich existing soil with amendments that will reduce compaction, improve soil flora, and increase water holding capacity.

Depending on your location, climate, and soil conditions, we can design and set up an orchard with:

  • Peaches and apricots
  • Almonds
  • Cold hardy citrus
  • Grapes
  • Certain varieties of apples and pears
  • Sea buckthorn (special order)
  • Pecans
  • Mulberry
  • Blackberry

The inventory varies throughout the year and some or most of the trees and bushes will only be available during late fall and winter months. Drip irrigation can be installed to supply water demanding trees with pinpoint accuracy.



Homestead Design

We incorporate the principles of permaculture to design a complete self reliant system of food production on home farm or community scale. The principles include water harvesting with earthworks, rotational grazing, fruit and nut trees, organic vegetable garden, pastured chicken paddocks, and a system of ponds. Each element is interconnected and supports all other elements in the system, producing a resilient self-sufficient homestead that can withstand weather extremes, famine, pests, and other challenges.

Regenerative Argiculture

Coming Soon! We will provide consultation to farms and homesteads that wish to restore degraded or otherwise poor soils to grow cash crops or food. We restore microbial life in up to six months after which the first crops can be planted. Restoration will continue for up to 3 years.

Grain Fields

Coming Soon!


Garden Gallery

Our mockup garden examples showcase the beautiful curb appeal of ecobiotic gardens. We love growing food in style!

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